2022 Important Housing Information


We are excited to have the 2022 IMPERIAL SESSION OF SHRINERS INTERNATIONAL back in Minneapolis. Bill and Debbie look forward to hosting you, your Divan, your Nobility and your Ladies in our 150th YEAR as a FRATERNITY and our 100th YEAR of supporting SHRINERS HOSPITALS FOR CHILDREN.


The #1 thing for you to remember is this: A successful and fun Imperial Session for YOUR TEMPLE, begins with YOUR leadership in taking care of YOUR TEMPLE’S HOUSING needs.

Please familiarize yourself with the following important items:

Shriners International Bylaws, § 334.12, Contracts for Lodging at Imperial Sessions and Meetings – “After a temple has voted to send units, clubs, or Nobles to an annual Imperial Session of Shriners International or a Shrine association meeting, it shall designate one of the official divan as the authorized agent of the temple to make contracts for transportation and lodging, provided, however, that such contracts must be approved by, and contain any limits or conditions required by, the temple.”

General Order #1 – Special Convention Notice and Accommodations for Future Imperial Sessions of Shriners International – These referenced sections of General Order #1 provide a detailed explanation of regulations related to the housing process for outside hotels.  Please pay particular attention to the section on housing as it relates to making your housing arrangements through the Housing Chairman.  Failure to comply with the regulations as outlined in General Order #1 will affect the participation of your Temple’s units in the competition(s) and parade(s). 

The Key Thing you must decide is this:  Will your Temple Need More Than 15 Rooms?

If you are planning on staying in the Headquarters Hotels and you need 15 rooms or less, Shriners International will handle your hotel arrangements starting in mid-February of 2022.

If you need MORE than 15 Rooms – KEEP READING!

As the Assistant Rabban, if you need MORE THAN 15 ROOMS, you will need to complete the 2022 Housing Form ( Click Here ) – REGARDLESS of which hotel you wish to stay in!  Remember – NO rooms will be assigned until you contact them. – REGARDLESS of which hotel you wish to stay in!  Remember – NO rooms will be assigned until you contact them.

All Housing Arrangements MUST be made through the 2022 Housing Chairman via the 2022 Housing Form or through Shriners International (if you need 15 rooms or less and you want to stay in the Headquarters Hotel).

Arrangements can be made by doing the following:

  1. Do your best to determine the number of rooms you will need for you and your Temple.
  2. Fill out the “Hotel Request” form.  The Imperial 2022 Housing Team will contact everyone who submits their form to discuss your choices.
  3. Pay your Binder Fee of $20 per room reserved. Check or Credit Card* in U.S. funds.

AFTER September 1:

  1. You will confirm your room rate, any hospitality room requirements, and amenities to sign a contract with your hotel.

IMPORTANT:  Failure to complete a contract with the hotel within the designated time frame can result in those rooms being reassigned to another Temple.

  1. After your contract is signed, it will be then your responsibility to assign rooms to your attendees and to submit the reservations to the hotel in order to fulfill your obligated room block, based on your contract.

If you have any questions regarding hotel specifics, please feel free to contact:

Illustrious Sir Jim Burlingame, Jr.
Housing Chairman
(763)- 447-1785